My first ‘traveling’ experience was back in 2016 when I traveled Thailand and Singapore for 3/4 weeks. Me and 5 friends booked through the travel company Dial Flight and was super excited for our first time in Asia. Fast forward a year and having fallen in love with Thailand so much the first time I decided to go back and travel the places I missed this time it was 5 weeks and with a boyfriend. My love for Asia and dream to travel long term then became reality in 2018 when I set off with my one-way ticket to paradise for my 8-month solo adventure. All 3 trips brought me memories that will last a lifetime and each trip suited my situation at the time.

Traveling With Friends

Traveling to Asia for the first time with friends meant my family felt comfortable about me going. We had the funniest time on this trip, from the nights out to the mid-day jet lag naps to ordering crazy amounts of McDonalds drunk it’s a trip I’ll remember forever

Pros of Traveling with a group of friends

  • You create memories that you can talk about forever – Exploring amazing places with friends is fun and exciting
  • Every night is a party – We were constantly parting, and even on our quite nights we would sit on the beach with a cocktail and laugh till we were tired.
  • Cheap Accommodation – Being with friends means you can get family rooms in hotels or book whole Airbnb for super cheap.
  • More clothes and make up – Being with friends means you can share all your clothes and makeup, when your away for a while you never want to wear the same outfits.

Cons of traveling with a group of friends

  • Not everyone wants to do the same thing – With so many people you all have different ideas for your holiday, there are a lot of opinions involves when discussing the itinerary.
  • More people more chance of arguments – Being with friends means you can get annoyed with people in the group, more people means more chance of arguments and confrontations. If you’re like me and my friends then arguments will be cleared the next morning and all forgotten.  
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Traveling with a Boyfriend

Traveling with a boyfriend during university summer break made more sense than going alone why would you not want to enjoy exploring the world with a partner.

Pros of traveling with a boyfriend

  • You create memories that will last forever – Exploring amazing places with a boyfriend is special and exciting
  • Splitting costs of accommodation and food makes it cheaper – Means you don’t have to travel on a budget, we stayed in some of the loveliest hotels for a very cheap prices.
  • You’ll most likely always feel safe – Being with a boyfriend in Asia meant i never felt unsafe as you had them there meaning locals and other men wouldn’t approach you.
  • Your relationship will never be the same – Being around someone 24/7 for a long period of time can either make or break a relationship, and what a positive it would be if it brought you closer than ever.

Cons of traveling with a boyfriend

  • You have to think of the other person – You have to accommodate for your partner and factor in things they want to do. If your feeling lazy and want a beach day but your partner doesn’t you need to compromise.
  • You’ll discover new things about your partner – You will discover new things that just simply frustrate you about the other person.
  • Arguments are always worse on holiday – There’s no getting away when it’s just you two, and that little frustration will turn into an argument you need to just forget and move on or your trips going to seem pretty long.
  • Your relationship will never be the same – Being around someone 24/7 for a long period of time can either make or break a relationship, you really get to know someone fully when spending so long with them so sadly traveling can be the end to a relationship, any argument is heightened and sometimes you just need your own space.
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Traveling Solo

Traveling solo once finishing your degree is a reward like no other. People always think about the scary times of traveling solo but the best advice I can give is book the ticket and face them fears, you’re going to make friends and have the best time. If you go solo and decide it’s not for you just book a nice hotel and turn it into a two-week relaxing holiday and then fly home.

Pros of traveling solo

  • You can do whatever you want when you want – If you’re not so keen on a place or embarrass yourself drunk or maybe don’t want to see someone from your last hostel, you can simply just book your next bus ticket, plane ticket or simply just move hostel. On the other hand, if you fall in love with a place like I did with Ninhvana you can stay for as long as you want and not ruin anyone else plans.
  • Your more approachable – Traveling solo makes you more approachable meaning it’s easier to meet people and make friends.
  • So much time for yourself – Traveling solo really allowed me to reflect on the last few years of my life, back home you take the ‘norm’ for granted and never really get in touch with your emotions, whereas traveling really made me think and kind of just be selfish for once only having to worry about yourself and your happiness. After losing my mum and constantly being stressed about education traveling was a great escape from the real world for a while.
  • You will constantly feel proud of what you achieved – The feelings you feel when you book your flight out compared to the flight home so many months later is such a great feeling, you actually survived traveling solo for the first time. Solo traveling has such a scary stigma and you’ve just done it and actually enjoyed it! it’s a nice feeling.

Cons of traveling Solo

  • When you get ill there’s no one there to help – Getting ill in another country is never nice, especially if you’re staying in a hostel and sharing a room with 6 strangers. I was extremely lucky with my health on my trip however I did get a chest infection and was bed bound for a few days and at this time all you want if your own bed and home comforts.
  • Apart from people you meet no one will ever understand the experience you had – Yes, I came back and constantly shared my travel stories and you want people to be as excited as you, but they weren’t there, they didn’t explore the places you did, they didn’t meet the people you did. So, having no one to share the experience and excitement with can be frustrating.
  • Airports get boring – Traveling solo means waiting in airports for 2/3 hours at a time by yourself and trust me some airports really have nothing going on.
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For me personally I think I enjoyed my solo trip the most, forgetting about safety and sharing it with someone I feel travelling is about getting out of your comfort zone, learning about yourself, the places you visit and the people you meet, when traveling with someone you will never fully do what you want to do as you will rely on them and their feelings, traveling solo is very fulfilling. However, I’m only 24 and this view may change. If I find the right person, someone that can put up with me for that long and travel the world enjoying the same adventures it would defiantly be perfect.

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